Peer Review for 2019

(Minor revisions have been made to the Peer Review Packet and are effective 1/1/2019)

Welcome to the Peer Review Process.  At the bottom of this page are links to the updated Peer Review Packet for 2019. Please see the special notice below about the SharePoint site that is mentioned in the packet. 

Here are a few highlights:
  1. If you are due for a Peer Review in 2019, you should receive a notification email by the end of January.  However, if you do not hear from the office and you know that you are due, please be in touch with your Director of Community, Practice, and Member Development (DCPM) to be sure that we have your correct information and to initiate your process.

  2. Your DCPM will be your primary contact for questions throughout the entire process.

  3. All Peer Reviews are to be completed no later than October 31. Under limited circumstances, extensions may be granted by the DCPMs. Requests for extensions should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than August 1.


The Peer Review Process - Word Doc


ACPE will soon unveil its new SharePoint site where ACPE Certified Educators will upload all peer review materials.  We will update this page and have announcements in This Week @ACPE when the platform is ready.

If you are ready to embark upon your Peer Review prior to the platform being ready, you will need to utilize an alternative means of sharing your documents with your review team.

If you completed your peer review in 2018 or if you complete your peer review this year prior to the platform being ready, please keep all of your documents on your personal computer.  When the platform is ready, we will post step-by-step instructions for uploading your documents into your portfolio.