Certification Resources

Ethical Accountability Form
The Ethical Accountability Form (Appendix 1) is required as part of your Spiritual Care Professional membership application. It does not need to be re-submitted in preparation for future committees. Changes affecting your adherence to the Ethical Conduct Policy need to be reported on the Attestation of Good Standing (Appendix 8).

Attestation of Good Standing
Each and every time you meet a committee in the old certification process, you will need to submit a completed Attestation of Good Standing (Appendix 8) to the Certification Coordinator. The supporting documentation listed on the appendix under the applicable heading must be included every time.

Theory Papers

Theory papers being submitted for the first time will be read at a Certification Hub. See deadlines for submitting theory papers on the Certification Hub page. For rewrites, contact Sheilah Hawk.

Declaration to Meet a Committee in the Old Process

For more information on declaring to meet a committee, please visit our new Certification Hub page.                                                                                                                                                      

Certification Chair

The Rev. Dr. Cecelia A. Walker
2400 Hospital Rd.
Building 3 - Room 313
Tuskegee, AL 36083

(205) 783-3113
Certification Coordinator

Sheilah Hawk
ACPE National Office
55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd.
Suite 835
Atlanta, GA 30308

(678) 636-6226
Associate Executive Director

Marc Medwed, EdD
ACPE National Office
55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd.
Suite 835
Atlanta, GA 30308

(678) 636-6223