Certification Resources

Ethical Accountability Form
The Ethical Accountability Form (Appendix 1) is required as part of your Clinical Membership application. It does not need to be re-submitted in preparation for future committees. Changes affecting your adherence to the Ethical Conduct Policy need to be reported on the Attestation of Good Standing (Appendix 8).

Attestation of Good Standing
Each and every time you meet a committee, including a readiness committee, you will need to submit a completed Attestation of Good Standing (Appendix 8) to the Certification Coordinator. The supporting documentation listed on the appendix under the applicable heading must be included every time.

Ordination/Commissioning and Endorsement
To meet a committee for Supervisory Candidate, you submit documentation of your ordination or commissioning to practice ministry. You must also submit documentation of your endorsement by your faith group. All documentation should be submitted to the Certification Coordinator.

If your faith group is not currently recognized by ACPE, please submit the Faith Group Information Form online or to the Certification Coordinator.

Any changes to your ordination/commissioning or endorsement, during the certification process or once certified, must be reported to the Certification Coordinator

Masters of Divinity or Equivalency
To meet a committee for Supervisory Candidate, you must also submit documentation demonstrating completion of a Masters of Divinity to the Certification Coordinator.

If you are seeking a Masters of Divinity equivalency , contact your Regional Certification Chair to request an assessment of equivalency. Your assessment must be completed before you apply to meet a committee for candidacy. Your equivalency assessment must be submitted to the Certification Coordinator.

See Definition of Terms for more details.

Theory Papers

Once you have been granted candidacy status, you may proceed with writing and submitting theory papers.

Please note that you should inform the Certification Coordinator when you are four weeks from submitting your papers for review. During meeting and holiday periods, readers may take as long as 90 days to read and respond to your papers.

Finally, if any of your papers have been turned down twice, you may submit the third attempt to the Certification Coordinator for assignment to a new team of readers or you may contact your Regional Certification Chair to request a face-to-face meeting with a regional team of readers.

 Tips on Writing Theory Papers
 Reading and Evaluating Papers

Declaration to Meet a Committee for Candidates

1. Read all Procedures and Deadlines before submitting declaration to declare.

2. All theory papers must have passed before declaration to meet for Associate Supervisor can be accepted.

3. All candidates requesting to appear before the Commission should send a Letter of Intent (Appendix 10) to the Certification Coordinator, with a copy to the Commission Chair, as early as possible or by the deadline to declare intent to undergo review. Payment (which may be made by check or credit card) of the requisite fee must accompany the declaration. Places on the docket will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

4. There are no refunds after a candidate declares unless there is a medical emergency either in the case of the candidate or a close family member. In either case the fee will be retained for the next appearance planned by the candidate, plus a $25 administrative fee. The candidate will be responsible for any increase in fees.

5. In all other cases of withdrawal of declaration, the fee will not be refunded and will not be applied to future appearances.

Certification Chair

The Rev. Mary Stewart Hall
Dept of Pastoral Care
Methodist Health System
1441 N. Beckley Ave.
Dallas, TX 75208

(214) 947-2470
Certification Coordinator

Sheilah Hawk
ACPE National Office
One West Court Square
Suite 325
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(678) 636-6226
Director of Programs

Marc Medwed
ACPE National Office
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