The Proposed Standard

A center demonstrates integrity in its management and operations and evidences ethical conduct and responsibility.


An ACPE accredited center upholds and embodies ACPE Values.  Ethical integrity, moral conduct, and cultural humility are vital to the enterprise of improving spiritual health that transforms people and communities.


In assessing this area, reviewers will look at the center's:

  1. Demonstration of how ACPE Values are embodied in the management of its educational program and conduct of its business
  2. Demonstration of cultural awareness and humility in policies, practices, and educational curriculum especially with regard to culturally and racially diverse populations
  3. Process to make available to students and to the general public clear and complete information about:
    i. requirements for its programs
    ii. requirements for admission 
    iii. all student costs
  4. Process for providing information it makes public or makes available to accrediting bodies assuring accuracy and completeness including its accredited status and representation of ACPE     

Required Exemplars

  • Feedback from advisory group and other stakeholders relative to the educational program's ethical integrity, cultural awareness and humility, and center business practices
  • Syllabi with examples of learning activities and evaluation strategies demonstrating development and integration of inter-cultural competence
  • Copies of publications and access to websites providing information about the center's program(s) 
  • Examples of how student services are culturally responsive 

Additional Exemplars

  • Student survey/interview data and analysis
  • Student provided program materials, I.e. Handbook
  • Videos of group learning sessions/didactics


The comment period concluded on March 31, 2018. The work groups is now analyzing your feedback in preparation for its May meeting.