The Proposed Standard

A center demonstrates how it addresses continuous improvement of its operations and program management.


An ACPE accredited center employs an action/reflection/action approach to continuous improvement of its operations and program management. Opportunity exists to discover strengths and limitations in an ACPE center's operations, use of faculty and instructors, and the student's experience of the center and its educational program for the purpose of improvement.  Measurable and appreciable improvement advances the center's standing with students, the public and other stakeholders.  


In assessing this area, reviewers will look at the center's:

  1. Plan for assessment of its operations and overall program
  2. How the center chooses and assesses Certified Educators, faculty and candidates.
  3. Utilization of a systematic and evidence-based plan/process at regular intervals to assess participants' experience of the learning environment from application to completion
  4. Process for implementing improvements based upon assessment results

Required Exemplars

  • A written plan and procedure defining the center’s process for improvement
  • A presentation that reflects on the process of improvement used
  • Summary of changes implemented resulting from assessment/review and the impact of those  changes
  • Description of the educator/faculty evaluation processes

Additional Exemplars

  • Student survey/interview data and analysis
  • Interview or focus group data and analysis
  • Sample assessments of contextual clinical placements and related educational sites
  • Student materials and publications (i.e. Handbook) evidencing updates and changes as required by center's review and/or ACPE Policies and Procedures 
  • Illustration of how center addressed sentinel event or institutional change
  • Sample educator/faculty evaluation


The comment period concluded on March 31, 2018. The work groups is now analyzing your feedback in preparation for its May meeting.