The Proposed Standard

A center demonstrates consistent and fair management of its programs for all students. 


An ACPE accredited center’s policies and procedures assist all parties in understanding individual and shared responsibilities, expectations, mutual accountabilities and the ways in which they function within the center. Transparency in the provision of written policies and procedures is required.


In assessing this area, reviewers will look at the center's:

  1. Defined process for continuous review of policies and procedures
  2. Alignment of policies and procedures with ACPE Policies and Procedures
  3. Mechanisms for communicating policies, curriculum and program expectations 

Required Exemplars

  • Student Handbook that contains all current center/program specific policies and procedures and all current mandated ACPE Policies 
  • Demonstration of how center policies and ACPE Policies and Manuals are made available to students
  • A presentation on the policy review process and how/why changes were or were not made

Additional Exemplars

  • Syllabi for individual units
  • Student survey/interview data and analysis
  • Example of student agreement for training  


The comment period concluded on March 31, 2018. The work groups is now analyzing your feedback in preparation for its May meeting.