The Proposed Standard

A center has an articulated curriculum for its educational programs and demonstrates a continuous process for improvement of its curriculum.


An ACPE center’s curriculum describes the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and accomplishments expected of the student in accord with the Objectives and Outcomes of ACPE CPE. An ACPE center regularly assesses and reviews its curriculum in pursuit of the best educational experience for students.


In assessing this area, reviewers will look at the center's:

  1. Interpretation of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that it expects students to gain in their program.
  2. Defined process for continuous review, assessment, and updates (action-reflection-action)
  3. Engagement of its stakeholders in the review process
  4. Evidence of alignment with ACPE Objectives and Outcomes 

Required Exemplars

  • A presentation of the center’s curriculum
  • A crosswalk of curricular topics and objectives and outcomes
  • A written plan and procedure defining the center’s process of curricular review, assessment, and updates
  • A presentation on the impact of updates to the overall program

Additional Exemplars

  • Detailed curriculum for units
  • Examples of the service/work-based experience afforded to students
  • Sample student and Certified Educator formal written evaluations
  • Samples of seminar/learning activities and evaluations 
  • Sample assessment/evaluation tools
  • Summary of curricular changes resulting from assessment/review
  • Student survey/interview data and analysis
  • Interview or focus group data and analysis


The comment period concluded on March 31, 2018. The work groups is now analyzing your feedback in preparation for its May meeting.