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The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE) was established in 1967 through the merger of four groups: The Institute of Pastoral Care, Inc.; The Council for Clinical Training, Inc.; the Association of Clinical Pastoral Educators; and the certification and accreditation functions of the Lutheran Council in the USA. ACPE carries on the commitment of these organizations to advance clinical pastoral education (CPE) as experience-based theological education. Today, ACPE enjoys national and international recognition as an educational organization for its work in setting standards, accrediting CPE centers and programs, and certifying supervisors in clinical pastoral education.

To see a list of upcoming Periodic Review Dates by Region go to the Accreditation Dates page. This page will be updated twice a year after the Accreditation Commission has met.


A summary of Accreditation Actions for review:


The 2010 Accreditation Manual is the official guide to the process of accreditation of clinical pastoral education centers and programs through ACPE. It is designed to assist centers in understanding, planning for and engaging in the ACPE accreditation process.

The ACPE encourages you to convert your own PDF to MS Word documents by using this online converter. Below are some common forms requested as a MS Word document.

Appendicies in Microsoft Word
Appendix 1 - Annual Center Report
Appendix 2 - Changes in Centers & Programs
Appendix 3 - Accreditation Review Request & Face Sheet
Appendix 4 - Center Disclosure Information
Appendix 5 - Accreditation Review Criteria
Appendix 6A - Sample CPE Program Evaluation
Appendix 6B - Sample CPE Alumnae Questionnaire
Appendix 6C - Sample Report Student Completion Rates
Appendix 6D - Sample Summary of Cont. Education Hours
Appendix 7 - Guides for ACPE Programs
Appendix 8 - Accreditation Process Evaluation
Appendix 9 - Appeal of Adverse Accreditation Decision(s)

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Accreditation Commission
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Ruth Alpers
2014-2016 (resume)

Northeast Region
Michelle DeCoste 2016 (1) (resume)         

Eastern Region
Rhoda Toperzer  (2016) (1) (resume)  

Mid-Atlantic Region
Randy Hall 2015 (1) (resume)

Southeast Region
Wayne Maberry 2015 (2) (resume)        

East Central Region

North Central Region
Larry Shostrom 2014 (U) (resume)     

South Central Region
Mari Chollet 2015 (1) (resume)        

Southwest Region
Ron Lovelace 2016 (1) (resume)    

Pacific Region
Beverly Hartz 2014 (1) (resume)  

Peter Kuhn 2014 (1) (resume)
Eugene Robinson 2015 (1) (resume)

Annie Lanier 2015 (1) (resume)

Public Members
JJ Hayden 2014 (1) (resume)
Vacant 2015 (U)


Accreditation Staff
Trace Haythorn, Executive Director, (resume)
Marc Medwed, Accreditation Manager (resume)
Tonya Beasley, Finance & Center Invoicing (resume)
Sheilah Hawk, Accreditation Support, (resume)