ACPE Regions and Accredited CPE Centers

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(The Pacific Region includes Hawaii and Alaska.)

Example of Listing:

Name of ACPE Center, Address. (1) Center Setting (see chart below) Phone: Fax: Programs: CPE (Levels I and II), Supv. CPE (Supervisory training) Offerings: Time when CPE is offered: W = Winter, Sp = Spring, Su = Summer, F = Fall, E = Extended, Yr = Year, 1/2 = Half Unit Stipends: CPE = One Unit, S = Supervisory CPE, R = Rooms, M = Meals, Yr = Year/Residency Application Fee: $0; www.web address email; Supervisor(s):
Italicized Names of CPE locations indicate approved satellite programs or multiple settings at an Accredited Center.

1. General Hospital
2. Multi-Institutional Center
3. Children's Hospital
4. Psychiatric Hospital
5. Community Mental Health Center
6. Counseling Center
7. Correctional Center, Adult
8. Correctional Center, Juvenile
9. Parish
10. Developmentally Disabled
11. Geriatric Facility
12. Rehabilitation Center
13. Veterans Hospital
14. Military Center
15. Alcohol & Drug Addition Center
16. Community Organization
17. Hospice
18. Pastoral Care Agency
19. Campus Ministry
20. Theological Seminary Mental Health Center
21. University Related Training
22. Trauma I